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Even back in the day when we were both 'pre-vintage' we loved all things old. That love developed into necessity because when we were first starting out, we lived on the little plastic thing on the end of the shoestring. We discovered that there was a wonderful world of garage sales, flea markets, and second-hand stores with amazingly cool stuff to decorate our home. After years of acquiring fun and interesting treasures, we started running out of room to put them and decided to start selling a few things. In May of 2010 we 'took the leap' and opened The Leaping Lemming Vintage Eclectic. It has been a wild ride ever since.

Visitors to our home often comment about the vintage items we have displayed. Memories are jogged and stories ensue. "Grandma used one of these," or "I had one of these when I was a kid." Taking that cue, we realized that everything has a story (or needs one) so at the Leaping Lemming you'll find a short story about most items on our site. Some stories are based on true events while others are outright yarns, you'll have to decide which is which.

We run The Leaping Lemming from our rural home in a mountain valley in northern Idaho. When we're packing your vintage purchase we just might also be watching a moose or flock of turkeys out the window. We also have another etsy store called "Coffeetroplis" that specializes in all things coffee (oh yes we do like coffee) including pots, mugs, coffee advertising, etc.

Greg and Dee Ann

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