Farmhouse Chic

We live in a rural area with an interesting history filled with native Americans, fur traders, homesteaders, tree farmers, loggers and miners. Rural folks were the original "up-cyclers and re-purposers". Supplies and the comforts of modern living were often expensive and hard to come by so a spirit of frugality and pragmatism was honed into a fine art. Scrap wood was made into furniture, buckets became planters, bailing wire became band-aids for machinery. This same homesteader spirit is still alive today and ironically "Farmhouse Chic" has become a popular decorating theme even in urban homes. We love to share some of the rural finds we come across with those whose imagination is awaiting the perfect piece to come along. You'll find the latest farmhouse chic Lemming finds
in the "Rustic & Shabby Decor" section.

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