When having a lot of baggage is a good thing.

If you haven't figured it out by now, we love vintage luggage. Whether it is of exotic travel, a lonely soldier on the other side of the world or a trip to visit grandma, each piece of vintage luggage tells a tale with every scuff, stain or ding. We've collected old suitcases for years and use them around our home as decorator pieces as well as extra storage.  Wander on over to The Lemming (click here) to view the current inventory of luggage.



Old suitcases never die, they just keep on blooming.
There comes a point when vintage luggage is no longer usable for travel, storage or stacking. We discovered one more use for an old suitcase before they are retired permanently--planter boxes. We found this cute little suitcase (photo below) for next to nothing at garage sale and decided it was way too gone to sell so we placed it on our back deck and turned it into a planter. Just added some potting soil and a few annuals and now we have a wonderful planter with lots of character. This one is made of fiberboard so it won't last but a season or two but if you come across an all plastic piece it will last indefinitely.

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