Decorating with Vintage Signs

Vintage signs have always made for fun wall art for the eclectic decor. They are usually colorful and often bring back fond memories from the past. Old metal advertising signs always look great hanging on a wall, however, due to popular TV shows like American Pickers, it is getting much harder to find vintage metal advertising signs at a reasonable price. Reproductions have also flooded the market so those one-of-kind finds are very rare as well. If you want a unique look, keep your eye out for "one-off" retired handmade made signs from local businesses. Often times they are made of plywood and hand painted. Find one with some character (a few nicks and scratches) and you've got a piece that nobody else will have. Look for signs that will make a statement for instance, an old restaurant sign adds a fun bit or whimsy to a kitchen or dining room.

We've recently listed on The Leaping Lemming as well as our other shop, Coffeetropolis several home-grown vintage advertising signs that will be sure strike up a conversation by visitors at your home.

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