Who Knew Irons Could Be So Cool?

If you have caught the vintage bug, it won't take long for you to begin to see and appreciate the sublime design found in everyday items of yesteryear. Back in the early to mid 20th century there was a renaissance in industrial design. You will see it on everything from architecture, to motor vehicles, down to the items of everyday use including the lowly clothes iron. Appliance companies spared no expense in designing and producing these little pieces of art. They featured the quintessential streamlined Art Deco style that became the norm during this time period.

We recently came across a book called "Streamlined Irons" by Jay Raymond (www.streamlinedirons) which chronicles the exquisitely designed irons from the 1930's and 1940's. The book features 300 beautiful color photography and 196 pages of extensive information on irons produced during this period as well as earlier in the century.

Surprisingly, it is not uncommon to find vintage irons that still work today as they were made to last with the use of high quality materials. Most are quite heavy compared to today's irons so they make great bookends or doorstops. But you can simply display them on a shelf as their designs stand by themselves.

We have come across a few of these vintage irons and have offered several for sale at LeapingLemming.com. Check them out and take time to appreciate the beauty in the detail--something that is quite rare in product design today.

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