Re-purposing Military Surplus Cloths & Accessories

Are you tired of shopping the big box stores and finding the same old same old that everybody else is wearing? Well the Lemming feels your pain man! That is why he has searched the world over to find vintage military surplus clothing and accessory items which can easily be re-purposed into one-of-a-kind fashion items. Why military surplus you ask?

1) You get a lot of bang for your buck. Most military items are manufactured under strict quality controls as they often have to hold up under battle conditions so they use higher quality fabrics and materials. You can get them cheaper than you could for a comparable item at a regular retail store. And since they are not mass-marketed, odds are you won't run into someone wearing the exact same item. Also, countries keep large stock piles of uniforms and gear that sit in storage for many years, sometimes never being issued and when they update their look, they will release them for sale, so sometimes you can get never been worn cloths pretty cheap.

2) Military uniforms offer classical fashion styling. A lot of modern western fashion is based on military influenced designs. For instance the necktie attributes its origins to the early Roman soldier who wore scarves that they could soak in water to keep them cool.

3) Military Function and Utility = Funky.
Military clothing and equipment designers have to solve various problems encountered by the soldier in the field so you get some amazingly cool pockets and flaps that make the items very unique.

At you'll find a nice selection of vintage military surplus items. Take for example the nifty East German Medic Bags that make really cool shoulder bags or would make for the perfect diaper bag as it is made of heavy vinyl with various pockets and sections. At You'll also find some comfy army jackets great for urban or rural living.

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